About the Author

Blake spends a lot of his nights with an ink pen and multiple journals that are never filled completely, scribbling down ideas and working through the next great idea that has been eating away at his brain. Sometimes, when the ideas are too voracious and need to be put down, he tosses the pen aside and pulls the keyboard close. Fingers blazing, the stories flow out and stick, like a nightmare caught in a dream catcher.

Blake lives on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Blake grew up in a tiny town in mid-Michigan that shall remain unnamed, just know the population is less than 1200 (a.k.a. you’ve never heard of it). Although he started writing at a young age, it was quickly abandoned for art. During his public school and college years where he pursued a BFA in Art, Blake continued to write here and there, scribbling ideas and short stories in moments of inspiration.

It wasn’t until about 2018 that Blake finally came back to his writing roots, digging into some real stories for the first time. There were lots of false starts, but eventually, with a lot of work on Lake Arcadia, his debut novella, Blake has developed a style and voice of his own.

Blake’s stories strive to call out to the human in all of us; the good and the bad. He believes characters should be relatable, no matter how unlike us they may be in personality. He approaches writing like a great painting, making sketches and passes with the brush until the final, polished work is finally ready to view. With no formal training in writing, Blake calls on the artist’s skills he gained to make his stories the best they can be.