Atlaran Adventuring Company -D&D for adults

Weekly D&D Streams in the homebrew world of Atlaran! Featuring Authors: Blake R. Wolfe, Taiylor Wallace, Astrid Knight, Zachary Gale, and normal human Zack Koop.

Catch them at 11a EST every Saturday on Twitch!

Author Zachary Gale

Horror and Anthology writer Zachary Gale, guaranteed to leave you sleeping with the lights on. Creepy and poetic tales that keep you guessing until the last moment. His work has been featured on the award-winning horror podcast "The No Sleep Podcast".

He likes to spend his time writing, reading, drawing, watching movies, hosting podcasts, painting minis, or planning his next D&D session. He currently resides in Michigan with his wife and their dog, Jude. 

Author Astrid Knight

Epic Fantasy and Anthology writer Astrid Knight is a great addition to anyone's collection. Her stories are deeply relatable along with her colorful characters and exquisite attention to detail.

Astrid has been featured in multiple fantasy anthologies as well as having her own fantasy novels published.

Sonder Editing by Taiylor Wallace

If you’re looking for an editor to help you along your writing journey, please check out Sonder Editing!