Blake R. Wolfe

Author of High Fantasy with LGBTQ and D&D themes.

Current Series:

The Crystalline Chronicles

Bone, Stone, & Wood

The Tales of Bramoria Triology

Published Works

Complete 5 Book Series

A bloodthirsty sorcerer seeks the power of the dragon lord’s crystal to rule the world. Can an escaped slave stop the evil that threatens to destroy all of humanity?

Join Dusk, an ex-slave, as he escapes across the world trying to avoid a mysterious cult that seeks the crystal he carries. Danger lies around every corner and the world is full of mysteries he could never have imagined.

A thousand years ago the dragon lords ruled alongside humanity and guided them through the weave of magic. When greed tore humanity apart, a powerful mage rose up to fight the dragons for their claim. In a single battle, the dragons were slain, the mage disappeared, and magic was removed from the world forever.

Now Dusk, a slave miner of the nobles, has stumbled across the ancient remains of the dragon king and the crystal eye that holds all his power. With the crystal tucked safely away, Dusk makes his daring escape from the mines, setting out to find his long sought-after freedom. But one night he’s attacked by bandits and the crystal comes to life, engulfing them all in an inferno and turning the bandits to ash. At that moment the world is made aware that magic is possible and an evil sorcerer now has his eye trained on Dusk.

Can Dusk hope to make it beyond the border of the kingdom in time or will the sorcerer take his life and claim the dragon’s power for himself?

The Crystalline Chronicles is an action-packed epic fantasy adventure. If you like sarcastic characters, animal companions, emotional twists, LGBTQ+ representation, and powerful reveals, then you’ll love Blake R. Wolfe’s adventure-packed story. Great for fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role, Vox Machina, and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

Complete Trilogy

Tyler was a regular high school student until he was thrust into a fantasy world of magic and dragons. Now his new world is threatened and he must fight to find a way home and save his friend's lives.

Tyler Wilson isn’t special, in fact with his only skill being getting good grades he doesn’t care about, he’s less than average. But when his best friend Danny tells him he only has three months to live, Tyler does something crazy. Gathering up his friends they run away for one last summer together before Danny inevitably dies.

When the three decide to steal from a mysterious bookstore, their entire world changes overnight. Thrust into a magical fantasy land full of dragons and monsters, Tyler must fight for his life. Now he’s searching for his friends and a way to get back home while vicious dragon attacks are on the rise. The appearance of a mysterious sage could be their only hope or their doom.

Can he find his friends before it’s too late or will they all be trapped in this dangerous new world forever?

Flip open The Grimoire of Kings and be transported into your own epic adventure today!

The Grimoire of Kings is the enthralling and adventurous first installment of the coming-of-age fantasy The Tales of Bramoria. If you like sarcastic characters, emotional twists, LGBTQ+ representation, and powerful reveals, then you’ll love Blake R. Wolfe’s adventure-packed story. Great for fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy, and The Witcher.

Series in Progress

A young man will do anything to save his ailing mother, but when he accidentally stumbled on the power of long-dead gods, his entire world is thrown into turmoil. With monsters at his back and murderous soldiers ahead, he must fight to save himself and the things he holds dear.

The world of Lycoris is dying. After the gods perished centuries ago the world has slowly been slipping into darkness and ruin. In their place the king has created his Holy Knights, those who execute anyone caught using magic in the name of the gods. Under their rule all the kingdom is slowly starving to death, their populations dwindling across the years.

A young man, Nox Vitalis, makes a living by selling scrap from the ancient ruins to the soldiers for their armor and weapons. However, his mother is deathly ill and running out of medicine. With no other way to make money and the nearby ruins running dry, Nox delves into an ancient city deep underground, hoping to find a payday. Instead he finds an artifact of the gods and it becomes permanently affixed to his skin. Unable to get rid of it and pursued by the undead guardians of the city, Nox must find his way out and back to his home.

Can Nox make it back to his family in time or will the horrors of the ancient world rend him from the mortal coil?

Buy Exordium and start your adventure today!

Exordium is the first novel in the epic fantasy adventure series “Bone, Stone, and Wood”. If you like sarcastic characters, magical animal companions, emotional twists, and powerful reveals, then you’ll love Blake R. Wolfe’s adventure-packed story. Great for fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role, and Vox Machina.