Blake R. Wolfe

Author of Steamy MM Shifter Romance

Current Series:

Tales of the Tellurian Pack

The Shifter Brotherhood


Published Works

Complete 4 Book Series

Alpha's Rejection

After losing his father and finding out his boyfriend had been cheating on him for months, Kael runs away from home, determined never to step foot back in that part of the world again.

Now he's in a small town, determined to reinvent himself and give up men completely. At least until a hot ginger alpha sweeps him off his feet with the love and affection he's always craved. Things quickly get serious as a string of mysterious murders forces them closer together and Kael is left wondering if this is truly his second chance, or just another mistake waiting to happen.

WARNING: This spicy shifter romance contains jaw-dropping twists, second chances, sizzling sex scenes, a cinnamon bun alpha, and a happily ever after that will leave you speechless. It should only be read by those who like their werewolves hot and their broody boys shown the love they deserve. 

Series in Progress

Wolf's Blessing

The life of a mercenary werewolf doesn't leave a lot of room for love, but when Ronan meets a pushy human cleric he can't stop hating, the lines between love and hate begin to blur as they're forced closer together than ever before.

The job was simple: clear the monsters from the mines. All Ronan had to do was put up with a rude cleric and collect his gold once the job was done. However, it seems the Baron wasn't exactly being honest about the enormity of the monster problem. Now Ronan and Dante are trapped, alone, and cut off from the others while they're hunted down. Their forced proximity makes them realize that the only thing they can rely on is each other. And that maybe they don't hate each other as much as they thought.

WARNING: This spicy shifter fantasy romance contains jaw-dropping twists, forced proximity, size difference, enemies to lovers, sizzling sex scenes, a vivid fantasy world, and a happily ever after that will leave you speechless. It should only be read by those who like their mercenary werewolves hot and their swords sharp!